Wisdom Teeth Extractions In Dickinson And League City, TX

Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to appear in your oral cavity. They typically erupt around the ages of 17 to 21, but in many cases, these teeth may remain partially or fully impacted within the jawbone. To help you maintain optimum oral health, we offer safe and painless wisdom teeth extractions in Dickinson and League City, TX. Our board-certified oral surgeon will evaluate the condition of your impacted wisdom teeth and take the safest approach to extract them. At Bay Colony Dental and Orthodontics, you can rest assured that your oral care is in the most skillful hands.

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    Wisdom Teeth Extractions

    Types Of Wisdom Teeth Extractions In Dickinson And League City

    Since wisdom teeth, or third molars, appear late in the oral cavity, they might not erupt at a normal angle or position. As a result, they may become a cause of severe discomfort while threatening the health of adjacent healthy teeth. Our oral surgeon will examine the size, angulation, and impaction level to decide the best technique for wisdom teeth removal. The two common types are:

    • Simple extraction: As the name suggests, it is an easy technique for the removal of fully erupted third molars. As they are easily accessible, we can extract them using forceps without placing a surgical incision.
    • Surgical extraction: This technique is reserved for third molars that are impacted within the gums or jawbone. We will utilize advanced surgical techniques to carefully extract the tooth out of its socket.

    Questions About Wisdom Teeth Extractions ?

    What Does The Extraction Procedure Entail?

    Before considering wisdom teeth extractions at our Dickinson and League City, TX, practice, we will first evaluate your oral cavity to determine if you are a good candidate. People with fully erupted third molars that do not pose any active threat to their oral health may not require extraction.

    If your wisdom teeth are impacted or decayed, we will first inject a local anesthetic to numb the site. Next, our oral surgeon will place an incision over the gum bed to expose the tooth and surrounding bone. For ease of access, we may trim the bone to extract the tooth from the socket. If removing the tooth as a whole is difficult, we may section it into two to three pieces for complete extraction.

    After tooth removal, we will close the incision with sutures to promote healing. The overall duration of the procedure depends on the complexity of the case and your own health.

    Recovery After Wisdom Teeth Removal

    The initial recovery period after wisdom teeth extractions in Dickinson and League City, TX, may take about a week. During this period, you must follow the instructions given by our team to avoid the risk of post-surgical complications. It is normal to experience mild soreness or pain, for which we will prescribe medications to help you achieve a comfortable recovery.

    If you observe swelling around the surgical site, place an ice pack on your cheek for 5 to 10 minutes. Avoid eating hard, hot, or spicy foods, smoking, or performing strenuous activities. After a week, we will schedule an appointment to remove the stitches. Complete healing after third molar extractions takes 3 to 4 weeks.

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    As a First Time Patient my experience was amazing! Staff was very friendly, the office was very well kept! Dr.Patel and Cynthia made me feel very comfortable! I will definitely be bringing the rest of my Family here! Day 2- I was very nervous but Agatha was there by my side! Very pleased with the treatment I received!
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