Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Dickinson, TX

Suppose you’ve watched videos on social media and other sources about wisdom tooth extractions. In that case, you probably know that they can be quite painful and traumatic or that you’ll leave the dentist’s office in an altered state. While there are some extreme examples of patients needing complex surgery to have their wisdom teeth removed, for the most part, it is a routine but altogether necessary procedure for most patients. At some point, a large portion of the population will need to have their wisdom teeth out to protect their oral hygiene and prevent some problems that can occur if they are left in.

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Why Are Wisdom Tooth Extractions Necessary?

It may seem like it’s not such a big deal to have your wisdom teeth still in your mouth, and this is true for a small percentage of people. However, wisdom teeth are unnecessary for most people and can cause major problems.

This is because our ancient ancestors had larger heads and mouths to accommodate more teeth; this meant that they had plenty of room for their wisdom teeth, and these teeth would help them when eating certain foods. However, humans have smaller mouths, and many people don’t have room for their wisdom teeth.

This leads to crowding, cavities, and other issues and is the primary reason many patients need a wisdom tooth extraction. Another reason is that wisdom teeth have the potential to not erupt through the gum properly, either coming through partway or in a manner that is unnatural, such as sideways or at an angle; this can cause all sorts of problems and is why a dentist must extract them.

If you need wisdom tooth extraction as well, come to Bay Colony Dental in Dickinson, TX immediately and let us help you.

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