Partials and Full Dentures in Dickinson, TX

When people are missing teeth, it can make eating some of the foods they love difficult. It can also affect their speech, and it is embarrassing for most of them. Fortunately, there are several solutions for replacing teeth, including partials and full dentures. Dr. Patel at Bay Colony Dental can evaluate your remaining teeth and recommend which solution is best for your needs.

Types of Partials

When our dentist near you evaluates your teeth, they will check if more of them need removing. Removing other teeth will help them determine which type of partial you’ll need to replace them. There are several types to choose from, including:

  • Cast metal partial
  • Acrylic partial, also known as a flipper
  • Flexible partial
  • Fixed Bridge
  • Implant-supported fixed bridge

Partials can replace all teeth on the upper or lower jaw or replace only a few of them. If it only replaces a few, then it will attach to the jaw via clasps on the teeth next to the partial. Otherwise, a full partial will use an adhesive to stay in place on the gums.

Fast Replacements

Although there are several options for replacing teeth, getting partials, and full dentures near you are the quickest options. Instead of waiting for months for your mouth to heal after surgery, as you would for dental implants, you can have a full set of dentures or a partial within a couple of weeks. In some cases, dentures and partials go into the mouth immediately after removing teeth.

Setting them in your mouth immediately also helps to stop the bleeding, and you don’t need to do without teeth while your gums are healing. Most people who get immediate dentures do not have problems with them, and our dentist in Dickinson, TX will prescribe pain relievers if you need them.

Cleaning Partials

One of the advantages of wearing partials and dentures in Dickinson, TX is the ease of cleaning them. Since you can remove most partials from your mouth, any food residue clinging to them rinses off. To help prevent stains, you can use toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush every day to keep them clean.

Call our office at Bay Colony Dental to make an appointment with Dr. Patel. They can assess your teeth and determine if partials and full dentures in Dickinson, TX is your best option for replacing teeth lost to decay or trauma.

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