Important Facts to Know About Dental Crowns in Dickinson, TX

April 3, 2023

Crowns are used for both functionality and cosmetic purposes. Dental crowns cover your tooth entirely or are attached to a bridgework or a dental implant. The crowns give you the appearance of your existing tooth and allow you to bite and chew properly.

You may have never had a crown, so you are on the right page if you are still determining what can work for you. Before getting one, ensure you take a look at these important facts about crowns.

Some of the important facts about dental crowns include:

Dental Crowns Help Protect Damaged Teeth

Dental crowns are made from fused metal, porcelain, and full gold. These teeth crowns help reverse tooth damage by creating a barrier around your natural teeth.

To help maintain a natural feel and look, you should choose our porcelain dental crown, which matches the shade of your teeth; this helps allow the crown to blend in and look like your natural teeth.

Dental Crowns Can Be Paired with Implants

Your dentist uses implants to replace the roots of a missing tooth and stabilize dentures strengthening your teeth structure. Dental crowns near you repair dental implants, adding extra protection to your teeth.

And since there will be added protection, dental implants can be paired with dental crowns creating an added barrier.

It Takes a Few Visits to Get Dental Crowns Placed

First, your dentist in Dickinson, TX, will examine your tooth using dental x-rays to ensure a dental crown is available for you. Then your Dentist number your mouth in the area where the dental crown will be placed. They’ll then remove any cracked portions, old fillings, or decay of your tooth on the gum line.

The dentist will then shape your tooth and create an impression. Next, the impressions are sent to the dental lab to help create a custom-made crown. During your final visit, the temporary crown will be removed by your dentist, who will place a new permanent crown.

Dental Crowns Can Last for Years

If you care for your dental crown properly, it will last between 10 to 15 years. Maintaining good dental hygiene habits is essential to help improve your crown’s lasting effect.

For example, you should floss and brush twice daily and avoid habits such as biting bottles and chewing ice cubes. These practices help preserve your dental crowns and lower the risks of fractures and chips.

Dental Crowns Don’t Stain

A porcelain dental crown from Bay Colony Dental and Orthodontics will be the best option to avoid staining and maintain a natural feel and look because it matches the shade of your natural teeth and doesn’t get stained.

In addition, porcelain dental crowns blend in and look like your teeth. If a porcelain dental crown is right for you, please consult our dentists today.

One Doesn’t Always Need a Dental Crown

If a dental professional notices that your tooth is cracked or weakened, they’ll give you different options and recommend the one that works best for you before getting a dental crown. Even if one has a damaged tooth doesn’t mean they always need a dental crown.

Other facts about dental crowns include:

Crowns Help Boost a Person’s Confidence

You will greatly boost your confidence when you get a crown to replace and repair your missing or damaged tooth, especially for individuals who are unhappy with their smile. The person can show off the white smile with pride, knowing it’s symmetrical and beautiful.

Your Natural Teeth Are Preserved

The work of a dental crown is to protect the structure of your damaged teeth. Decayed teeth are covered by composite or porcelain crowns to help prevent further damage. It also helps to recover your teeth’s structural integrity. The crowns help add to the aesthetic of your teeth and not take them away.

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